The Short film festival is an international contest. Every participant may present as many works as they like, spoken, subtitled or translated into Spanish, or with international band, whose runtime does not exceed 30 minutes and that have not been presented in previous editions of this Festival. Every title presented to the contest must be sent or delivered on DVD, with an entry form completely filled in, including all the required documentation. The films can be sent by ordinary mail or uploaded online, from our website, through Movibeta service (cost 1,50 € each). The contest is divided in two categories: cinema and video. For the first one it will only be accepted the format of 35 mm; for the second, the only format accepted is DVD, in PAL system. The plot is completely free in both them.

The deadline for submitting titles ends on March 6, 2012.
More information: www.fictorrelavega.eswww.tmce.es (festivals)