“The Art of Pitching” Sibylle Kurz’s presentation at ELTE

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How to make our project marketable?

Filmmakers and creative artists in the cultural and artistic fields must be able to convince financiers and supporters of their new ideas. This is called pitching, which is a daunting task for many, while for others it is a simple thing. Of course, the right personal skills are needed to make pitching as successful as possible. The good news is that all of this can be learned. The lecture deals with the components that help us pitch in a strong and convincing way, while the presentation is both concise and enjoyable.


Since 1994, he has been working as a freelance coach and communication trainer in the media and art industry, and is an expert on “The Art of Pitching”. Sibylle Kurz was originally trained in commerce and psychology. He has worked as a concert and program organizer, and has dealt with international licensing, purchasing and distribution for the German film market. He graduated from university with media communication, sociology and psychology. After graduation, she completed a communication skills development course and became a NLP trainer. Sibylle has been in the art of “The Art of Pitching” at many excellent film schools and workshops in the world. Member of the European Film Academy, the European Women’s Audiovisual Network (EWA) and the European Documentary Film Network (EDN).

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The performance is in English.

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DATE: 21st February 2019, Thursday, 10:00–12:30

VENUE: Múzeum körút 6-8., Budapest, 1088