András Salamon

Assistant professor

András Salamon was a child actor from the age of 6. Later he studied photography and worked at the Hungarian Television and in the Hungarian Film Factory as an assistant cameraman and 1st assistant director. He graduated in 1982 from the Cameraman Department of the University of Theater and Film Arts. He also completed the master’s degree programme in Film Studies at ELTE. Later he received his DLA degree from the University of Theatre and Film Arts, qualified as „summa cum laude”. Up to present he has been working as a writer, director, cameraman in fiction, documentaries and television series. He is assistant professor at the Film Studies Department of the Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies, ELTE BTK. He is also a lecturer at the University of Theatre and Film Arts and at the Art Program of The University of The Applied Sciences, Budapest, where he works as the head of the ‘Motion Picture Artist’ MA programme. His first book was awarded the Sándor Bródy prize for the best book at 1997. He was awarded the Béla Balázs prize in 2001. He has published short stories in different anthologies. He is the founder of the First Roma Film School, and he has also established GTC (Go To Casting), the first Screen Actors School in Hungary.

Areas of Teaching/ Courses Taught

  • Film Directing
  • Working with Screen Actors
  • Cinematography
  • The Break Down of Scenes
  • Overview of Hungarian Film Production and Film Financing Systems from the 1960s till Today

Areas of Supervision

  • Consultation in Filmmaking

Selected Works as Director


1991  ZSÖTEM – J’taime (Writer, director) László B. Nagy award of the Critics for  Best First Film

1997  KÖZEL A SZERELEMHEZ – Close to Love (Writer, director) Pescara: Best Film, Cottbus: FIPRESCI award, Angers: Best Female Lead, Montreal: Nominated for Main Prize, Hungarian Film Week: Best Script, award of the Critics for Most Promising Young Actor, Kamera Hungária: Best Cinematographer

2004  GETNO (Writer, director) Budapest: Best Editing


He has made nearly 30 documentaries since 1990, including:

1995  ELVESZETT CSALÁD – Lost Family (with Ágnes Incze)

1996  HUTTYÁN: Director’s Award at the Hungarian Film Week

1997  VÁROSLAKÓK – City Dwellers: Director’s and Cinematographer’s award at the Hungarian Film Week

1998  KOLDUSGYEREKEK – Beggar Kids

2000  JONUC ÉS A KOLDUSMAFFIA –: Jonuc and the Beggar Mafia: Category Award at the Dubrovnik Film festival, 2nd prize at Vicenza, First Prize at the International Documentary Festival

2006  A VÁROS RITMUSA – Rythm of the City: 20 international festivals, including: Hungarian Film Week:  Best Cinematographer’s Award, Neubrandenburg: Best European Documentary Award, Hungarian Society of Cinematographers: Golden Eye Award for the best cinematographer (Andras Salamon-Zsolt Tóth)


2000  ZSÖTEM – J’taime (writer, director)

2002  A KUTYÁK NEM FELEJTENEK –Dogs Don’t Forget (writer, director)

2007  AZ UTOLSÓ PERC – The Last Minute (writer, director)

2008  ADÉL – Adel (writer, director)

2010  JONUC – writer, director)

2012  IDŐFUTÁR – Time Runner – (director)


2004  VIGYÁZAT, JÖVÜNK! – Watch out, we’re coming! (Hungarian Television)

2005  DESSZERT – Dessert (RTL channel)

2005  VILÁGFALU – World Village (RTL channel)


2001  AZ ÉLET – Life

2002  SZEPTEMBER – September

2007  MESÉLD EL – Tell Your Children: 35 international festivals, including: Amiens International Festival: Main Prize, Audience’s Award, Catholic Media World Organization’s Award, Amiens  city’s prisoners prize, Triest: Audience’s Award

2009  VISZLÁT, ADÉL! – Good bye, Adel!


2011  TÍZ ÉV MÚLVA – Ten Years from now  (writer, director) 

Contact Details

Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies
Depertment of Film Studies
Eötvös Loránd University
Mail: Múzeum krt. 6-8., 1088 Budapest, Hungary
E-mail: salamonandras_at_gmail com
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