Educational Program

ELTE’s Faculty of Humanities has joined forces with the Budapest Film Academy (BFA) to launch a diverse practical filmmaking curriculum. The Department of Film Studies supervises the BFA courses, while ELTE provides European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits for them. This cooperation enables not only ELTE students to attend BFA courses, but students from other universities as well. Students can transfer the credits gained here if their studies are similar and if they meet the prescribed institutional conditions.. The transfer of credits is possible thanks to the ECTS. This new system was introduced to the members of the European Union, with the aim of improving transferability between different programs and institutions within the EU.

Budapest Film Academy offers courses in the following fields of film:

  • Directing
  • Screenwriting
  • Production
  • Cinematography
  • Editing & Sound Engineering

Each field’s courses build upon each other in subsequent semesters. The courses can be completed both individually and in “packages”. However, we recommend that all students take a comprehensive, basic semester, as every expert in the movie business should know the workflow and production organization of the other areas.

BFA provides both Hungarian and English classes. Read more about the current semester’s courses and tuition fees at the BFA website:

Budapest Film Academy regularly offers free introductory lectures for students who want to peek into our courses. Our previous public lectures:

  • The Art and Tools of Filmmaking
  • Guerilla Filmmaking
  • In conversation with István Szabó, Elemér Ragályi and Jenő Hábermann about the movie The Door
  • Writing, Directing, and Creating Engaging Characters
  • Filmmaking in Practice
  • The Best Training Is: Making Films
  • Creating Characters and the Basic Structural Components of a Screenplay

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