MA in Film Studies

MA in Film Studies

Part of the prestigious Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies, the Department of Film Studies has been hosting various undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs since the 1990s. By combining theoretical and practical knowledge, the MA program prepares students for jobs in various branches of the cultural/entertainment sector. The program includes two specializations: Film Theory Specialization and Filmmaking Specialization.

MA program title:

Film Studies

Host institute:

Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies, Department of Film Studies


For further information please address to: filmtudomany _at_

Education level and qualification received by those who have successfully completed the MA program:

Education level: master degree (magister, master; abbreviation: MA)

Qualification: MA in Film Studies

Duration of the program:

4 semesters

Credits required for graduation:

120 credits

Requirements for applicants:

Applicants have to be in the possession of a BA degree in any discipline. If the applicant has in the past not taken basic film studies courses, s/he can complete these courses at the department within two years after admittance.

For general requirements and deadlines relevant for MA applicants please see

Documents to be submitted by applicants:

Cover letter indicating why the applicant wishes to start the program, and what her special field of interest is.
Curriculum Vitae including applicant’s previous achievements (scholarships, publications, conference presentations, completed films/videos, festival organization etc.).
English-language transcript with the list of completed courses in previous degree programs.
For applicants to the Film Theory Specialization: submit a research proposal of your intended thesis project with a study and research plan (detailed outline of your field of interest), a preliminary bibliography (indicated what you have read so far).
For applicants to the Filmmaking Specialization: submit your short film/video or other screen media product on a CD or DVD, or a one-page synopsis of your script.

Foreign language requirements:

Non-native speakers of English must demonstrate sufficient English-language skills by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam. The minimum required score is 550 on the paper-based exam (PBT) or 80 on the Internet-based exam (iBT). We also accept IELTS exams with a score of 6.0 and above.

Further information:

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