Balázs Maruszki

Maruszki BalázsHe graduated at the University of Theatre and Film Arts as a dramaturgist in 1997.  His first film “Ébrenjárók” won the Best Screenplay Award in 2002 at the Hungarian Film Festival.  The “Sketch Artist” won the Best Screenplay Award at the Sichuan International TV Film Festival. He works at the Hungarian National Film Fund as a script doctor. He taught at Metropolitan University in 2018. He regularly participates in development workshops as a mentor (Filmtett, Mediawawe, Incubator, Cinelink).

Selected Films and Awards

  • Hungarian Gene’s Tales  (documentary) 2002
  • Sleepwalkers (feature film) 2002.
  • The Children of Green Dragon (feature film) 2010
  • Herofinders (TV film) 2013
  • The Sketch Artist (TV film) 2014
  • Sohavégetnemérős (feature film) 2017
  • Pécsi Szál (pseudo documentary) 2018
  • The Classmate (documentary) 2018

Areas of Teaching/Courses Taught

  • Scriptwriting consultations
  • The process of scriptwriting
  • Shortfilm analysis
  • Creative writing

Selected Publications

  • Sons of Iron Man (play) – Contemptorary Drama Forum Anthology
  • 2017 Hungarian scriptwriters I. – (MMA Publisher) Editor: Köbli Norbert/Kollarik Tamás
  • 2016 Talking about scriptwriting – Prizma film journal
  • 2009 The End of Everything (play) – Contemptorary Drama Forum Anthology
  • 1999 The Young English (play adaptation by Wilhelm Hauf, Thesis at University of Film and Theatre Arts)

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