Gábor Ferenczi

After graduating from the Technical University of Budapest in 1974, Gábor Ferenczi acquired a degree as film and television director from the Academy of Drama and Film University of Budapest in 1984 under the supervision of Zoltán Fábri. He worked as an independent director, script writer, consultant, actor and he was manager of the Béla Balázs Studio between 1984-88. He has made numerous documentaries, features, television programs, reference films, and commercials and lectured at several universities in Budapest. He was awarded the Balázs Béla Prize.

Areas of Teaching/ Courses Taught

  • Film Making Practice (different film making courses)
  • Scriptwriting

His films

  • Overdose (Overdose – Vágta egy álomért), documentary, 2014 – Vukovár – best documentary film
  • Possibilities of Friendship (Barátkozás lehetőségei) 2008 – The Hungarian Film Week – best TV-film
  • Hungarian Buletin (Magyar buletin). 2003 – The Hungarian Film Week: Pál Schiffer Commemorative Prize, Independent Film Festival: Best Direction and Tolerance Prize
  • It’s Enough to Say about Me… (Magamról röviden csak annyit…) 2003, with Ágnes Sós – Independent Film Festival: Best Direction
  • Than There is the Prison, Honey (…van a börtön, babám) 2002, with Ágnes Sós – Kamera Hungária: Best Documentary
  • Going to the SCS (Megyek a TB-be) 1998 13′, with Ágnes Sós – Hungarian Film Week, Documentary Category
  • Deported (Kitoloncoltak). 1993, with Ágnes Sós – Tolerance Prize, second level

Contact Details

  • E-mail: fergabor _at_ gmail com