Brigitta Bacskai

bacskaibrigittaAfter getting a degree in Communication and Media Science in 2011, she got her Film and Motion Pictures Editing degree at the University of Theater and Film Arts in Budapest in 2014. She spent a semester at FAMU in Prague with the ERASMUS programme. She continued her master studies in Norway at The Norwegian Film School.
She attended several master courses and seminars, such as the Norman Hollyn editing workhop in Prague, Monika Willi masterclass in Coppenhagen, Chris Dickens masterclass in London and she completed Robert McKee’s Story seminar in Ireland.
She has been working as an editor since 2008, during this time she edited numerous short fictions, animations and documentaries. Her first feature project won the Gamechanger award at SXSW Festival, a short animation, Balcony won the Jury Prize at Annecy Festival in 2016, and Traub Viktoria’s Mermaids and Rhinos earned the Hungarian Film Critics Award in 2018.
She teaches editing and dramaturgy at METU for animation filmmkers, and for motion picture students at Eszterházy Károly University. She has been teaching editing at ELTE since 2018.
She is a member of HSE, Hungarian Society of Film and Video Editors.

Selected filmography

  • 2019 Domestic, documentary, dir.: Botond Püsök
  • 2019 Garbage Theory, feature, dir.: Ákos Badits
  • 2019 The Promise, feature, dir.: Torben Bech
  • 2019 Hol rontottam el, animation, dir.: Márton Szirmai
  • 2018 Our Father – documentary, dir.: Márton Vízkelety, Julianna Ugrin
  • 2018 Mermaids and Rhinos – animation, dir.: Viktória Traub
  • 2018 Lajos és Laci – animation, dir.: Bori Mészáros
  • 2017 Vendégszeretet – short fiction, dir.: László Csáki
  • 2016 Kometen – feature, dir.: Bard Rossevold
  • 2015 Balkon – animation, dir.: Dávid Dell’edera 
  • 2014-2015  TV2 Hal a tortán, Édes Élet
  • 2014 Boglárka – short fiction, dir.: Ákos Badits
  • 2010-2011 – online documentaries
  • 2010 Végváriak – documentary, dir.: András Petrik

Selected Works as Script Supervisor

  • 2019 Garbage Theory, feature, dir.: Ákos Badits
  • 2018 Valan – feature, dir.: Béla Bagota
  • 2017 Bad Poems – feature, dir.: Gábor Reisz
  • 2016 Kojot – feature, dir.: Márk Kostyál
  • 2015 Neandertaler – TV series, dir.: Peter Gersina
  • 2015 Casanova – pilot, dir.: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Areas of Teaching/Courses Taught

  • Film Dramaturgy From the Editor’s Perspective
  • Editing beginner
  • Editing advanced

Contact details