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BIDF industry program: STORY BRIDGE BUDAPEST (SBB) – on February 2nd

Written by eltefilm

This year we celebrate the sixth anniversary of STORY BRIDGE BUDAPEST (SBB), the industry program of Budapest International Documentary Festival (BIDF) which has started out as an unprecedented professional initiative.

We cordially invite you to the industry program of the 10th BIDF (held between the 27th of January and 4th of February in Cinema City Mammut II.) which is practically a STORY MARKET for filmmakers, students, journalists and everyone interested.

SBB provides ”ready-made” topics for the film industry. SBB is a bridge that connects filmmakers with professionals and civilians involved who bring along specific stories because, through their work and personal affiliations, they have access to deeply engaging human stories, and are gladly willing to share them with you, the audience. Although we are constantly surrounded by interesting topics, it is still difficult to get in touch with a specific ”case” and its protagonists, and to find a character willing enough to let documentary filmmakers enter and follow his life at length. At SBB, the case is different: every single story presented here are ”ready to shoot”. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions, often in person from the protagonist of the given story. At our story market you will hear unusual, exciting, instructive, motivational stories which discuss crucial societal, sociological, political, psychological and other topics, and which are worth being interpreted in form of either a documentary or feature film. From this point on, it only depends on you, the participants, whether you ”put dibs” on a chosen topic… SBB tries to help you in this regard.

Time, venue: 2 February (Friday) 2024, 10:30, Cinema City Mamut II.

Participation is free of charge but requires preliminary registration.

Please register on this email-address until the 31st of January:

We look forward to seeing you, in the name of BIDF and SBB:
Ágnes Sós, Founding Director & Sára Kende, SBB coordinator