Film theory specialization

The Film Theory specialization of the MA programme is structured around the three components of the film studies discipline: film analysis, film history and film theory. During the first semesters of the programme, students take film analysis classes (image, montage and narration), become familiar with the major historical epochs of world cinema, and select theoretical models and methodologies that enable students to start to construct their MA theses. We expect that with the help of these skills and knowledge students finalize the designing of their research topics by the end of the second semester. The second part (generally semesters 3 and 4) of the MA programme puts the emphasis on the research of each student in close collaboration with the assigned faculty tutor. Our faculty consists of highly acknowledged experts in film studies who are specialists of their chosen field and take part in international and local research projects. The work on the thesis project is also supported by the research methodology and the academic writing classes. Students of the Film Theory specialization acquire the skills and knowledge which allow them to become academic researchers, or apply for a PhD program. Graduated students are equally well-qualified to work as film­ and communication teachers, film critics, experts etc.

Research advisory – Topics of faculty members