Motion Picture Studies

This program is recommended to applicants who wish to enter the motion picture industry, which is one of the most attractive fields of creative industry of our times and is in continuous transformation and expansion, inviting new talents and creative ideas. Students enrolling in the BA in Motion Pictures Studies at ELTE can gain knowledge in the making of motion pictures focusing on directorial skills with the help of well-prepared professors and small group education. Students will get acquainted with the creative, artistic approaches and the technological skills of the creation of motion pictures through practices of storytelling and direction of different forms of motion pictures and will gain basic knowledge in cinematography, editing and production.

This program enables students to gain experience in the field of the motion picture production including creative artistic, technical and financial decisions. During their studies they will also get acquainted with the history of motion pictures and the intermedial relations of film and other arts, like music, fine arts or literature. The BA in Motion Picture Studies will enable them to produce works in different fields of creative industry such as short or long feature films or documentaries, television or online media products, music videos, and other motion picture products.

Students, when finishing the program, must have:

  • extensive knowledge of all phases of the technological processes of film and television production from pre-production to post-production.
  • knowledge about the mechanism and operation of technical equipment necessary for film and television directing.
  • basic knowledge about the temporal, technical and professional requirements of the different phases of film and television directing.
  • sufficient knowledge in screenwriting, editing, cinematography and production to be able to cooperate with and guide the work of their colleagues operating in these fields.
  • comprehensive knowledge about acting, and directing actors, theoretical and practical principles, techniques and trends of theatre and cinema.

The program offers the track of Film and Television Directing in the framework of BA in Motion Picture Studies.

As the program is practice based, the core instructors and faculty members are professionals working in different fields of the cinema industry with long experience in realising projects or working with university students. Most of them are award winning creators, film and television directors, cinematographers, editors, and scriptwriters. Some of them have international experience in filmmaking and teaching. Other courses are provided by faculty members specialised in film theory, film history, theatre, music or fine arts, all internationally acknowledged researchers and teachers with long experience.

Extensive practical courses and small group education enable students to develop their knowledge and skills in different fields of the creation of motion pictures, and to discover their strength which will help them to start and pursue a career in the creative industry.

Motion Pictures Studies BA – Application requirements