2017 Spring

Every student who wishes to be accepted to the following courses should contact Ms. Noémi Farkas academic institutional Erasmus coordinator (farkas.noemi@btk.elte.hu)to sign the Learning agreement/give permission to take the course(s).

BMI-FLMD-211E.4 – Contemporary Global Cinema: authors and nations – László Strausz
BMI-FLMD-312E.15 – Fate and History: István Szabó’s cinema – Tibor Hirsch
BMI-FLMD-322E.23 – Do Images Matter – Sándor Sajó
BMI-FLMD-322E.24 – Cartographic Power and Imagination – Katalin Orbán
BMI-FLMD-322E.25 – Domestic Melodramas in American Cinema – László Strausz


Course title: Freedom of speech in Hungary in International Context
Course code: BMI-FLMD-322E:15
Course convenor: Mihály Szilágyi-Gál
Time and place: Wednesday 17:45-19:15, Múzeum krt. 6-8, 2nd floor, room 251
Availability: BA, MA
Type: Seminar (10 ECTS)

Course description:

One of the major areas of testing the quality of the new democracies in Central- and Eastern Europe since 1990 has been the problem of free speech. The seminary course addresses both international and Hungarian aspects of the dilemmas of both protecting the freedom of public expression of even hateful views on the one hand and the social groups potentially targeted by such acts of public free speech on the other hand. The course can only be taken by students capable of preparing for written tests from readings in English of 200-300 pages for the entire semester, and to participate seminary discussions in English as part of the final grade.


Course title: Methods in the search of extraterrestrial intelligence
Course code: BBN-KOM-291#1.56
Course convenor: Henrik Hargitai
Time and place: Monday 10:45-12:15, Múzeum krt. 6-8, room 42
Availability: BA, MA
Type: Seminar (10 ECTS)

Course description:

Searching for technical civilizations is carried out either by studying the radio spectrum or looking for optical messages. Indirect methods include imaging of exoplanets and star systems. Future directions include microlensing that can detect very far objects for a single observation. We will investigate what kind of content may be transmitted either on purpuse or as leakage between civilizations and discuss potential strategies to send or receive signals from aliens.