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elene delidoku
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The Déli Doku Contemporary Latin American Documentary Film Festival will take place in Budapest between 16–21 October, 2018.  This year’s focus will be Ecuador. The special screenings of the Retrospective section will be dedicated to the art of Eduardo Coutinho.

Besides the screenings of award-winning Latin American documentaries, there will be wine tastings, culinary events, Latin parties, photo exhibitions and panel talks in the framework of the festival.

All programmes are free of charge.

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Deli Doku brings to Budapest the finest in documentary film production from Latin America and brings along the Latin American feeling. Starting in 2017 as an alternative film event, Déli Doku goes beyond the cinema experience by taking the screenings to both public and private locations, such as apartments, social organizations, artistic venues and such, generating a series of social happenings connected with today’s alternative ways of cinema distribution.

 It’s – Contemporary – because we want to show what’s going on in the world through different views

It’s – Latin American – because we all could use some warmth of the “southern continent” during a chilling hungarian autumn.

It’s – Documentary film – because it provides the ultimate cultural immersion you can have from afar

It’s – Festival – because we, latinos, love a good party.