Zlaty VoCi Fest

Írta: film


Film Studies Department Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague.

The project’ organizers are currently working on preparations for the 20th Zlaty Voči (“Golden Eyes”) Festival that will take place in May 12-13th in Prague.

During the last years they have received many films from students of Eötvös Loránd University as well as from other foreign universities and they are looking forward to more international film submissions this year. But the Hungarian films definitely belong among the most popular.

Last year they have gathered almost 12hrs of footage (65 short films). They would like to celebrate the festival anniversary by extend number of participants and that’s why they want this year to cooparate with other countries and universities in Germany, England, Finland, Denmark, Canada, etc.

They are especially interested in discovering films that were produced by recent or former audiovisual theory students and they would love to provide such films an opportunity to be screened to a larger audience.They are looking for films of all kinds – there aren’t any restrictions regarding to film themes or genres, neither any special requirement for technical quality of the work. However, they would ask that submissions do not exceed 20 minutes in length.The submission deadline is April 5th 2015. After that date they will start the pre-selection of films eligible for the festival competition.
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